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С преведом от супа: PR-мероприятия

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Сотрудник СУПа - то же самое юное дарование, которое пыталось убедить юзеров, что в несанкционированном логине в чужой аккаунт "нет ничего особенного" - просвещает англоязычный сектор:

I have some more offending things to say re: the people who chose to fight with SUP [...] As you all are no doubt aware, the most of the users who made such a choose do not live in Russia. In my honest opinion they left their homeland because they think it's a bad, non-democratic, country which should be democratized in the same way Iraq was or just hated, I dunno.

Of course, the previous sentence does not relate to all the people who decided to leave Russia, but it is a fact that some emigrants do hate their historical homeland, for the reasons I don't want to be aware of. This makes me feel a bit upset and I consider it's a shame that I've born in the same country with these particular people.

And then suddenly these people discover that a company from Russia starts to have business with LiveJournal, and does it quite successfully. Of course they are full of concerns, and they start whining loudly, they even write to the BBB to say "we hate this f***ing company," and they make everything to express what they think in this community and similar ones. This always made me a bit "uh, wut?" because this position has almost no reasoning. It's impossible to tell that SUP didn't make any mistakes, they are humans, and they did, as did Six Apart (the latter is why this community was created), and it is perfectly okay that people are complaining about these (I don't remember anything serious except that account breakin, though).

But the most of people started to complain about some nonsense things, like:

* There's a Jewish manager in SUP nicknamed [info]dolboeb (I don't know English this well, but it should translate to 'dickhead' or something similar).
* Russian company = KGB, and Russian law is bad whatsoever, so keep me out of Russian jurisdiction.
* Er, I'm unwilling in remembering the rest, would you really like to hear it all?
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