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Под заметкой в TheRegister о том, что у Терри Пратчетта диагностирована болезнь Альцгеймера, читатели уже накидали 110 комментов.

He's a British National Treasure

Still, as good a time as any for a drink to Mr. Pratchetts health and long may the 'I aint dead' last.

Very bad news for all of us Prat-o-philes out here. All good thingsmust come to an end, I suppose, but somehow I'd always imagined himdisappearing in puff of smoke leaving only his boots behind.

On Discworld the surgical skills of the Igors include advanced brainchemistry. Let's hope Roundworld's equivalents are up to saving the"marthster" of acerbic sci-fi.

... that there's a million-to-one chance they'll find a cure in time!

When I went to get my copy of "Thief of Time" signed, the chap infront of me in the queue said to the Great Man (who was, indeed,wearing his most excellent hat) "I'm a student and just starting out onmy career path, so could you maybe write some words of wise advice" (orsomething like that, it was a while ago).
PTerry's response was to inscribe his copy with the words "Get A Job!"

........и еще, и еще, еще.

Очень трогательное чтение эти грустные записи.

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