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Самые полные отчеты о проиходящем вокруг говносупа у corpuscula, которую Носик попытался лягнуть совершенно по-детсадовски: "а сама-то она как одевается?". Рекомендую читать.
Она, в частности, пишет о том, что, когда из-за действий администрации Facebook выступило 50 тыс. юзеров (из 50 миллионов), все закончилось извинениями администрации.

Там же ссылка на редакционную статью FirefoxNews/

he purchase of Livejournal by a Russian-owned company raised questions at the time of SUP's commitment to LJ's long-standing relationship with its user community, for good and ill. The recent decision to drop the ad-free Basic account is "a business decision. It is, emphatically." It may however be a poor business decision, one made in the hopes of making a fast buck off the content provided by the users without understanding the background of those users' relationship with the site. The removal, for whatever reason, of possibly controversial interests gives users good reason to worry that we are not wanted on a site we helped make so popular.
In short, Livejournal users no longer feel like customers, but product, and that's bad business all around.
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