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Подумала: ну ни фига себе, мальчики-хоккеисты, 2 матча с перерывом всего в 16 часов, круто выиграли, да еще и на дебош их хватило. Пахать на таких не перепахать. Стадо суперменов, чего там.

А оказалось -

Michelle Boryszewski of North Tonawanda was headed to Atlanta on the same flight but says the team was well-behaved, polite and appeared "exhausted". Boryszewski says Russian players were seated on board 10 minutes, many of them with neck pillows already in place, before a security guard boarded the aircraft and told team coaches the team needed to get off the flight. Witnesses say while the team was bewildered at why they were being kicked off, members grabbed bags and got off the plane without any issue. Boryszewski says she, along with many other passengers, were confused as to why the players were kicked off and at no time felt unsafe with them aboard.

И далее -
post-game celebrations began in the locker room with a champagne toast, and concluded at the Adam's Mark hotel where the team stayed the night. A couple staying at the Adam's Mark Hotel told Channel 2, that when they arrived just before 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning, team members were in the lobby of the hotel drinking "Canadian" beer. They also say they saw an empty case of beer inside an elevator. The guests also say members of the Russian team were clearly intoxicated, but polite and not behaving in a disorderly manner.

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Даже бутылки посчитали.
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