SeaNN (seann) wrote,

Про RT, там же

- (papaswamp) Next move...Snowden to have his own show on RT.
- (Smegley Wanxalot) I'd watch. RT is a more open and realistic news and info source than any of the main US outlets.
- (Faust100F) I agree, I switched to RT a few months ago, and it is so nice not having commentators like Chris Matthews and other liberals on America's Black Network talk over their invited guests. It is refreshing watching news reporting than propaganda from owners of the network.
I would tune in for the Ed Snowden show or the Assange Show, or the Manning show, just to hear the other side of the story . You know real "fair and balanced" news.
- (The Shodge) True, I am also a fan of RT (to some extent), but don't be mistaken, they will never broadcast anything 'bad' about Russia. Putin is in control. It's bizarre this has become a more reliable news source than the MSM in the 'land of the free'. Actually totally ridiculous if you think about it.
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