SeaNN (seann) wrote,

OpEd News тоже замечает, как плотно блокируется сообщение про пуски тактич. ракет. (В англ. новостях по-прежнему ничего нет.)

Why aren't we hearing very much about it?
Barbara Starr's question at 11:11 AM on the July 29 is still pertinent. As of 02:02 AM ET on July 30, there are only three news services covering the story, all of which refer to CNN's video broadcasts: RT, RIANOVOSTI, and Common Dreams. That's it. The RT story showed a Tweet from ABC Moscow correspondent Kirit Radia conforming the story. It appears that the ABC News website is not paying any attention.

Версию, которая распространяется по ЖЖ, считаю оптимистической и нелогичной. Прекращение огня не состоялось.
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