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На ZH народ комментирует послание. Веселюсь

Holy crap, that's not so far fetched. Discrete western capital (particularly US) has no place to go since the strong armed fracturing of the Swiss system.
Numbered accounts in Petersburg? What if Vlad can not only bring Russian capital home, but bring it home trailing everybody elses as well... what other state can legitimately offer to protect private capital and keep it completely out of reach from western agents?
No questions asked.
If Moscow becomes the Pied Piper of coin then Vlad, Lavrov and the rest of the Kremlin strategists really will have earned their "Chess Master" stripes. Novo-Hibernia? L.O.L.

Yes actually parking money in Russia is now a good idea, who would have thought??? Got to pinch myslef.... FATСA in the US and capital friendly in Russia....

It would really be amazing, if true. Though if this is the case, the banking sector in Latvia is going to be panicking pretty hard (since that's where a sizeable pile of "discreet" Russian holdings is currently domiciled)

- Putin also said that Russia is not going to get involved in an expensive arms race, adding that unspecified "unusual solutions" are at the nation's disposal.
- unusual being monetary weapons?
- Unusual as in what happened to that Aegis-class cruiser in the Black Sea...


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