SeaNN (seann) wrote,

Про церемонию перезахоронения Ричарда III: оказывается, все еще спорят, "хороший" он был или "плохой". Тюдоровская пропаганда рулит, однако. Сам Шекспир, и т.п.
См. тж. Джозефин Тэй, "Дочь времени".
Richard was buried in the long since demolished Greyfriars church by the Franciscans, who were either brave enough to claim the body, or to accept an order to get rid of a political embarrassment. They buried him in a position of honour near the high altar, but in a hasty improvised ceremony. The roughly dug grave was slightly too short even for Richard’s slight frame, and he apparently went into it naked.
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