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По "фонду Клинтонов" можно подвести итог: Too Big To Jail

Не-а, никто из Клинтонов не сядет. Ни минюст, ни ФБР ухом не ведут, а ведь шум стоит уже неделю.

Мнения юристов: "закон нарушен, но кому охота лезть в эти дела?"

On the other hand, should the FBI or the Department of Justice actually launch an investigation, they will face pressure to make a decision whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton right around the time voters go to the polls in November 2016 to elect a new President.

Пресса по-прежнему облизывает Хиллари. Да так, что начались робкие вопросы: ребята, а это вообще нормально?
Is it appropriate to give Hillary Clinton’s campaign the same coverage as a normal presidential run? Despite her refusal to abide by the norms of access and accountability amid ongoing revelations from the scandals that dog her run, reporters are still providing Clinton a platform from which to make her case.

Clinton Foundation collected hefty sum from smaller charity. - In 2014, former President Bill Clinton accepted an award at a gala benefiting the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity benefitting schools impacted by natural disasters. However, the New York Times reports, Mr. Clinton's appearance at the event came after the charity agreed to give $500,000 to Mr. Clinton's much larger nonprofit, the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya. Some officials at the charity grumbled that his hiring was a favor from the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton Oversaw US Arms Deals to Clinton Foundation Donors

every time there’s a new revelation about the unseemly practices of the Clintons, every time a new trough of documents or fresh disclosures come to light, scads of news outlets and Clinton spinners insist that “there’s no smoking gun” proving beyond all doubt that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation did anything wrong.

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