SeaNN (seann) wrote,

filin навел на op-ed FT с разъяснениями о поправении населения развитых стран и объяснениями, отчего никак нельзя допустить к власти правых политиков, особенно Трампа.
И отчего выбор большинства это вовсе не демократия.
Но и шут с ним, просто понравились две франы.

1) Libertarians embrace the causes of the elites of both sides; that is why they are a tiny minority.

2) Branko Milanovic, formerly of the World Bank, has shown that only two parts of the global income distribution enjoyed virtually no gains in real incomes between 1988 and 2008: the poorest five percentiles and those between the 75th and the 90th percentile. The latter includes the bulk of the population of high-income countries.
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