SeaNN (seann) wrote,

Комменты от ZH

In Russia, the bribe takes you.

RUSSIAN PM APPOINTS DEPUTY MINISTER YELIN AS ACTING RUSSIAN ECONOMY MINISTER - IFAX" - Appointment rejected due to name being too close to Yellen.

Instead of Siberia, send him to Chicago, with a MAGA tattooed on his forehead, and I hate N@ggers sign on his neck.

Putin is showing Trump how it is done and Hillary just got a lump in her throat.

Idiot should of set up a charitable foundation to funnel the cash through.

Бонусом от И. Виттели: вот этот неловкий момент, когда ковер протерся и из дыры в ковре показались жопы бульдогов.
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